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Sullivans Balance Whip 33in.

Sullivans Balance Whip 33in.

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The Driver Whip features a medium flex fiberglass core shaft that is wrapped in a black nylon weave material. The 5“ long lash/popper is very flexible. This ultra-responsive lash is also strong with its reinforced braided-in nylon construction. The hinge joint that connects the lash to the shaft is reinforced with a hidden brass cuff for added durability. The hand grip is covered in a threaded-braid nylon weave material that is available in black, blue, purple, or teal color. The hardware at the end of the handle features a durable molded black plastic ball tip. Available in 33” or 36” length sizes. The Driver Whip is a tremendous multi-purpose whip. Its firm feel is great for training at home while also having a mid-flex shaft and very responsive popper that is super for shows.

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