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Poultry Feed

Nutrena Hi Pro Scratch 50lbs.

Nutrena Hi Pro Scratch 50lbs.

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Premium scratch crafted with a robust blend of sunflower seeds and added high-protein pellet. Treat your chickens to a healthy premium scratch with tasty flavor, added protein to help them stay energetic and strong during peak season or wintertime. Nutrena Country Feeds Hi Pro Scratch Grains helps supplement your adult birds' energy while supporting natural pecking and feeding behaviors. Added protein helps keep chickens laying. Country Feeds Hi Pro Scratch is a great complement to support a healthy, wholesome diet provided by Nutrena complete poultry feeds.

  • A robust blend of premium grains, black sunflower seed and nutritious protein pellets
  • Provides supplemental energy to help birds stay strong during peak season and winter

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