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L'Avian Plus Rabbit Food, 4.5-lb jar

L'Avian Plus Rabbit Food, 4.5-lb jar

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  • Contains no chemical preservatives.
  • Comes in a resealable, recyclable plastic jar to help keep food fresh.
  • Made with chelated trace minerals to help improve absorption.
  • Balanced formula provides all the essential vitamins, minerals and probiotics your rabbit needs to thrive.
  • Essential amino acids lysine and methionine help support muscle and tissue development and aid in healthy reproduction.

Treat your bouncy bunny to good flavor and great nutrition with L'Avian Rabbit Food. These premium pellets are fortified with a full range of vitamins, minerals and amino acids your rabbit needs to thrive. The balanced formula features probiotics to aid in digestion and amino acids to support proper growth and reproduction. Plus, it contains no chemical preservatives—only a healthy, balanced diet your furbaby will love to munch.


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