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Havland Nursey Container 25gal

Havland Nursey Container 25gal

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Haviland Nursery Containers: Dependable, Durable, and Performance-Driven.Haviland Nursery Containers - the container built for durability and performance. With unmatched strength, our containers are the heaviest blow molded ones in the industry. The Scalloped Top Ring ensures container shape retention, minimizing trunk damage and eliminating creases and bends. This guarantees a reduced chance of collapse during shipment, resulting in higher product shipping densities and decreased packaging costs. Worker injuries are also lessened. The Rounded Top Rim protects against shipping damage while the Multiple Handle Grips make handling and emptying containers effortless. The Radiused Stiffening Rings simplify preparation for shipping. The Stepped Tapered Body allows for easy tree removal with minimal labor and damage. The Higher Capacity Drainage Areas enhance root growth, prevent disease, and safeguard the product. Complete with a Corrugated Base Channel, our containers are resistant to bottom warping. Specifications - Top Diameter: 18.2 inches, Height: 16 inches, Volume: 13.66 gallons

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