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ADM Grostrong Minerals 5lbs

ADM Grostrong Minerals 5lbs

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  • 28 vitamins and minerals complement forage and grain diets in horses.
  • Added biotin promotes skin and hoof health.
  • Natural-source vitamin E helps your horse to recover after a workout and supplements your horse when fresh grass is limited.
  • Supports immune function, bone growth, overall health and performance in your equine athlete.
  • Just top dress your horse’s feed with 1 to 3 ounces per day for optimal nutrition.

With the ADM GROSTRONG Horse Supplement, you can ensure your horse gets the nutrition he needs to be healthy as, well, a horse! This supplement complements forages and grains, ideal for horses who are on little or no concentrated feed or who are eating nutrient-deficient grass or hay. It contains 28 vitamins and minerals that are delivered at optimal levels, so your horse gets the best benefits out of every serving. Biotin promotes both skin and hoof health. Natural-source vitamin E helps protect your horse against vitamin E deficiency when fresh grass is limited. All of this good stuff together supports your horse’s growth, health and performance.

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