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Bluebonnet Equilene ProCare 50lbs

Bluebonnet Equilene ProCare 50lbs

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  • The calcium in this formula is derived from seaweed and has a unique honeycomb texture that serves as a buffering mechanism against stomach acid.
  • Contains plasma, which supports healthy lungs and joints and a healthy immune system and gut.
  • Made with ButiPearl Z EQ—a slow release butyric acid that may help strengthen the intestinal strength, improving nutrient absorption and providing a strong barrier against toxins and pathogens.
  • Contains yeast metabolites, which may help reduce stress hormones after exercise and help improve joint capsule health.
  • Organic chelated minerals help support hoof strength, a healthy stomach lining, healthy soles, and a healthy coat, while prebiotics and probiotics support nutrient absorption, a healthy hind gut and a healthy immune system.

Bluebonnet Feeds Equilene Pro Care Horse Supplement is a feed that’s low in starch and has a beet pup base to help support a healthy digestive tract. It also contains other ingredients to support inflamm-aging, lung health, immune health, joint health and promote improved recovery after exercise. This feed is suitable for neighing neighbors of all ages and classes.

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