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Come-Pooch-A Bone Broth Nutrisouce 12oz

Come-Pooch-A Bone Broth Nutrisouce 12oz

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Introducing: Come-pooch-a, Bone Broth for Dogs

Activate your dog’s well-being with Come-pooch-a

Inspired by kombucha, Come-pooch-a is a new, first-of-its-kind topper that provides digestion support for dogs.

At the same time, it’s a delicious add-in to your dog’s bowl. Savory bone broth adds more of the meaty goodness that dogs crave, but with a touch of tang found in yogurt that adds interest.

Why Come-pooch-a?

Looking for that special something to tempt your canine’s palate? Come-pooch-a is a perfect topper when you need a hand at dinnertime.

Come-pooch-a is a yummy bone broth you can pour onto your dog’s kibble. It’s the perfect solution for:

  • Picky eaters
  • Dogs bored with regular food
  • Decreased appetite due to health issues or stress
  • Mild tummy upset
  • Hydration help
  • Digestive issues

Because it’s tangy and delicious, Come-pooch-a is also a special treat. Thanks to the postbiotics, it also happens to enhance your dog’s well-being.

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