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Agita 10 WG 2.2#

Agita 10 WG 2.2#

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Agita 10 WG 2.2#

Agita 10 WG from Elanco is an innovative insecticide for darkling beetle and house fly control. This dual mode insecticide features a combination of contact and stomach modes of action to ensure a lethal dose of the active ingredient is consumed. The dual attractants in Agita 10 WG draw in both male and female house flies, providing a significant knockdown.

Agita 10 WG is a dust-free, water-soluble granular formulation that should be used around the outside perimeter of animal housing. It should be utilized as a spot-spray application using a standard liquid spray applicator. Only apply in areas not accessible to children, pets, domestic animals or wildlife. Do not apply where animals can lick the product. Do not apply directly to livestock feed.


  • Residual has shown to be effective from 4 to 8 weeks, with an average residual of 6 weeks
  • Reduces housefly populations in and around the outside perimeter of animal housing
  • With fly sex attractant, Z-9-Tricosene
  • Attracts and kills house flies (Musca domestica)
  • For control of Litter Beetles (Darkling Beetles)
  • Thiamethoxam spot spray fly bait
  • Water dispersible granule insecticide for control of houseflies and litter beetles

Beetle Impacts:

  • Well-being; excessive litter beetles move under birds, causing them to sit and stand constantly
  • Carcass quality; larvae bite birds, leaving scabs and sores
  • Feed conversion; increased weight shown with good beetle control
  • Disease vectors; host numerous pathogens
  • Structural degradation; vapor barriers, sill sealers, spray foam and insulation are damaged

Fly Impacts:

  • Distress; agitate animals
  • Increase treatment costs; due to transmission of disease
  • Disease vectors; can harbor more than 100 different pathogen species
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